Myra Conventions
2006 and Beyond


dice-con-logoEver since 1984 we made it a habit to have MYRA conventions in two separate areas or states, so that more members and newbies can attend. It was Brunswick (Braunschweig, Lower Saxony) and Tuebingen (Baden- Württemberg) for a while, then Nuremberg, Bavaria (Nürnberg) and Tübingen, then after the fall of the wall, Berlin and Tübingen, and finally Dortmund (North-Rhine Westphalia) and Tübingen. Which is what we'll be having this month.

The Dortmund Spring Convention is conveniently close for people coming from Belgium, Luxemburg or the Netherlands, plus the northwestern states of Germany. It takes place on the third weekend, March 17.-19. 2006 was the last one, expect another one the same weekend next year. Crash space available. Contact organizer Torsten Kohlstedt (VFM #006) for details and directions:

The Tuebingen Myra-MeetUp is more accessible from the Alsatian parts of France (there's a regular bus from Strassburg) and Switzerland (and the south of Germany, like Bavaria). It takes place on the fifth weekend starting March 31st - April 2nd in Tuebingen-Bebenhausen. Crash space and some guest beds available on request. A tour of the medieval monastery and the Ritter Sport chocolate factory can and possibly will be arranged. The regular annual meeting will follow on September 08-10 in Tübingen. Contact organizer Wolfgang G. Wettach (VFM #001) for details and directions:

Both events will have D20-based official campaign roleplaying on Myra, lots of face2face diplomacy and extensive plotting of greater story lines. Dortmund may also be the place to organize a car-pool to go to Tuebingen two weeks later. Tuebingen is also the place and time to congratulate and celebrate with Myra-founder Wolfgang G. Wettach both his birthday and the competion of his final exams for his academic degree in medieval language, literature and history.

Myra-Presence on large Conventions elsewhere

Feen-Con in Bonn on July the largest fan-based RPG convention in Germany. We plan to attend with a booth and contribute to the program. Roleplaying on Myra will be offered and talks on creating virtual worlds in general and Myra specifically will be given this Summer. [Link]

SPIEL 2006 in Essen in October 19.-22. is the largest fair and trade-show for games in this part of Europe, We plan to attend on a booth together with Alysma this year. Crash space with some activists and friends of Myra in the NRW state will be available. Help at the booth wanted. [Link]

If you want a Myra-Con closer to where you live

If you'd like a Myra-Con closer to your place of living please contact us about it. We will support Myra-MeetUps worldwide, whether you will be organizing a Myra-related event at one of the larger fantasy, gaming or role-playing conventions or plan to stage a Myra-based convention in its own right. And if possible we will try to send one of our group of project moderators to attend, give speeches or hold tournament games. Contact

If you need to plan Myra-Con attendance ahead

If you need to plan Myra-Con attendance ahead please mark the second week of September 2007 for Tuebingen MYRA-DAYS - one full week of fantasy, fairy tales and medievalness, with lectures, a film festival, game tournaments, story-telling and lots of events looking back on 25 years of Myra and planning ahead for the next 75 years! Trust us: It's a good reason to visit Germany!