Map of People
Where are you?

There are many maps of Myra, which youll find aplenty on this website, the more youll come the more youll find. What wed like you to contribute to today is something else:

The Map of People around Myra:


Myra started in Braunschweig, more accurately in Braunschweig-Hondelage in Lower Saxony, Northern Germany, and there was a time where the town and the suburb where the two separate and equally large groups of Myra activists and players. Myra-founder Wolfgang G. Wettach moved from Braunschweig (Brunswick) to Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, in South-West Germany and another large group of people gathered round there, in fact its still a considerable group around Tuebingen.

But were moving on and inviting the world to join, which includes you. Please show us, where on the world map of people, of friends of Myra and activists, you can be found.

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