List of Deities and Demigods
Religion on Myra - Part 2

List of all Deities and most Demigods - Religion Part 2
(demons not included - for part one please click here):

ANRASH (aka Stormwhip) - Lord of the Deep, Brother of Sea-Monsters, son of Norto and foster-son of Xnum, chaotic swirl of the seas, God of Shtcello (a deep-sea raptor fish) (and, for some, rats)

ANUR (aka Acron, Gallus, Khayr, Yrlo) - Lord and Keeper of the Realm of Death, God of the Circle of Life, Master of the Oracle of Death, Firetwin, Lion-God

ARTAN (aka Gondur) - Keeper of the Scales of Balance, Lord of the Plains, Horse-Lord of the Prairie, God of Justice, Raven-God

BORGON (aka Gorgan, Grimh, Milas) - Chaotic God of War and Warriors, the Shaker, God of Barbarians, of Earthquakes, God of Earth-Bound Strength, God of Bulls and Wolves.

CHNUM (aka Bajor, Erainn, Generian, Seralpu, Tamithon) - God-Father of the Pantheon, God of fertile crops, Lord of the 7 Springs, Protector of Humans and Elves, Ram-God

DENA (aka Hen, Kasira, Vanga) - Mother-Goddess of the Pantheon, old Moon-Goddess, Lady of the Lake, the Manyfold, can appear in the form of any good goddess, the heavenly Hind, Earth-Mother

DONDRA (aka Aisher, Blamistoles, Donar, Godh, Thran'kos) - the Thunderer, the Hammer of the Smith, God of Weather and Winds, God of Giants and Giant of the Gods, Protector of the Gypsies and Patron of happy Pirates, Eagle-God and Bear-God of War.

GREWIA (aka Eeno, Ildru, Syrenia) - Greatest of Denaids, Moon-Woman, Goddess of Riddles and Intelligence, Patron of female Magic, Ruler of the moonlit Nights, Cat-Goddess

HORCAN (aka Talfur) - Lord of the Soul-Storm. With Dondra as his godfather and Dondra's incarnation as his father, and Anur as his teacher, Horcan guides the souls of the dead into Anur's realm, which includes cleaning up the ghosts. He's not a deity per se, but revered as one by some.

JAFFNA (aka Eilid, Elvil, Tanit, Yavannie) - Virgin Goddess of Spring, Goddess of the Blossoming Trees and the Jaffna-River, Unicorn-Goddess

KANDY (aka Sheran) - Wargoddess of Amazons, Goddess of Hunters and the Kandy-River, Patron-Deity of Self-Control, Hawk-Goddess

KUOR-TULMAK - Slime-God of Voodoo, the Unknown, the Odd-Ball, God and Father of the Kuor, Toad-God of evil male lust.

MANNANAUN (aka Argendor) - the banished God in the desert oof swift death, Dolphin-God, powerless now until someone gives bacl the waves to him.

MANUIJAN (aka Aro, Catpoc, Orcan, Tardim) - the Sun-God, Ruler of the Sun-Chariot, chaotic God of the consuming Fires, Jaguar-God

MARLILITH (aka Lady of Black Death, Marlitha) - the Prime Evil, Mother of Monsters, Night-Spectre of Ill Fate, Power of Darkness, Spider-Goddess

NORTO (aka Hermon, Nuplas, Pikapa) - God of the Twelve Great Seas, calm God of the Steering Wheel, Whale-God and God of Sea-Merchants.

NORYTTON (aka Drakher, Moras) - Wave-Rider, Father of Sea-Elves and Brother of Dolphins, Enemy of Xnum, God of merry Travelers and Adventurers, Harpist of the Seas, God of Garolfs (a giant kind of salt-water pike, as dangerous as delicious)

ORPHAL - Lord of the World Besides (the inner side of the hollow world, with exits everywhere), God of Vines and Wines and Orgies, God of Gluttony and Vulgarity, God of Prurience and Dances.

PARANA (aka Myra, Putrexia) - the Soft Healer, Goddess of Peace, Calmer of the World, Mistress of the Chalice, Goddess of the river Parana, Dove-Goddess.

POTTUNDY (aka Ishina, Salesha) - Cruel Goddess of the Jungle, Goddess of Assassins, Goddess of Madness, Granddaughter of Marlilith, Goddess of Harpyies

PURA (aka Aliza, Kalilah) - Goddess of Fate, Goddess of Luck (and Gambling), Goddess of Birthgiving, Mother of Salty Tears, Firetwin, Tiger-Goddess

SEAMOTHER (aka Black Mother) - the Nameless Witch-Queen, Executioner of Goodwill, Ruler of the Swamp and black Fires, Pillar of the Night, Hetaera of Xnum (not a deity per se, but revered as such by all her subjects and many Okeazar)

SEEKER (aka Raak, Talis) - The Seeker, Searching the desert for the Light of Wisdom, Master of Light Magic, Enemy of Marlilith, Owl-God.

SETH (aka Genral, Seth-Agoth, Sethos-Eth) - God of Heat, of Evil and of Night, God of the Dark Moon and the Dark Sun, God of Black Magic, strongest evil god among humans, Snake-God

THAGOTH (aka Drakos, Harab, Pollathan, Thoth-Agoth) - The All-Knowing, God of the Desert and of Knowledge, Patron of Architects, Scientists and Librarians, Dragon-God (though Chnum can be found depicted as a Golden Dragon, Seth can be depicted as a Black or Red Dragon, Xnum has been seen riding a sea-dragon, so Thagoth is god of neutral dragons mostly)

XNUM (aka Rouxhoul, Ygorl) - Lord of the Deep Seas, Father of Schlingers (engulfers, deep-see monsters with arms like kraken), Patron and Protector of Necromancers, Lord of the Undead, of Rust, Decay and Leprosy (natural enemy of both Anur and Norto, often depicted as a skeleton with a skythe riding a sea-monster)

ZAMNAIT (aka Falur, Hralv) - God of the Helping Hand, Son of the Sun, God of Neutral Magicians, God of Medical Professionals, Enemy of Xnum, Badger-God

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